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Durable. Simple. Beautiful. Solid wood floors and engineered hardwood flooring from BR111 can transform any space and reflect understated style or bold sophistication -- or anything in between. Regardless of your needs, when updating a single room or starting with a clean slate on an extensive project, BR111 is the industry's choice for craftsmanship and class across a range of wood flooring options When compared with other floor coverings, wood floors are the cost-effective investment, paying dividends in usefulness and beauty over years of enjoyment. Wood floors can offer a classic, timeless look, and hardwood flooring from BR111 is the most modern, practical, and durable flooring solution available. Our network of exclusive dealers is available for consultations in determining the right wood floors for your project and can help guide your choices from our collection in terms of aesthetics, fit and function, and design.

Solid Wood Flooring
Our advanced manufacturing techniques produce solid wood floors that are works of art. BR111 offers an array of options for hardwood floors sourced from unusual locales and produced in a variety of colors to complement any room. Our solid wood flooring is available in many colors, and in both smooth or hand-scraped styles. Many people choose hand-scraped solid wood floors to add a hint of rustic character to a room or to create a softer feel with the touch of the artisan. Smooth solid wood floors are often chosen for a museum-like perfection or the high-end grace of a formal dining room. From the warm hues of our Brazilian Cherry variations to the distinctive tones of Macchiato Pecan, you're sure to find the right aesthetic match to set off your room among our selection of solid hardwood floors.

Engineered Floors
BR111's innovative manufacturing techniques and our designers' refined tastes come together to lend nature a hand in creating engineered hardwood flooring that showcases the richness of the wood in a floor product that can be adapted to a wide range of environments. One of our exclusive dealers can guide you in selecting the right wood flooring for your home, office, or showroom.

Click Flooring
A wide variety of BR111's beautiful engineered hardwood flooring products are available as easy-to-install click flooring. These locking floors feature many of the same rich tones and full-bodied colors in the range of textures from smooth to hand-scraped, providing you with choice and flexibility to fit the constraints of your project's parameters and those of your budget. Hand-scraped floors can easily create a vintage or "distressed" look to a room while holding up for years. You will have confidence knowing that your new click-lock BR111 floor is built to last, with a simple installation process that is suitable for a number of target environments.

BR111 Wood Floors of Distinction
Few choices are as durable as a wood floor, and even fewer can match wood for ease of maintenance and long-lasting beauty. A wood floor can exude warmth, sophistication, comfort and class, depending on what you make of it. A BR111 hardwood floor is a palette upon which unlimited ambiance can be created, depending on your needs and taste and the functional requirements of the space. Today's advanced manufacturing and our breadth of supply in solid wood floors and engineered wood flooring means that you do not need to sacrifice to get the look you're seeking. Let one of our exclusive dealers offer specific, tailored advice for the type of wood flooring that will best meet your needs and help you create the exact tone you're looking for through the timeless choice of wood.


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