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Limited Texture Retention
10 Year Warranty

Our limited texture retention warranty protects you against excessive loss of carpet surface texture, defined as a rating of less than 2.5 on the ISO-9405 Saxony rating scale, an international standard for judging texture retention. (It is normal to experience some change of texture over time with any carpet, especially in high traffic areas.) Abbey Carpet will replace a product that shows an excessive degree of matting, crushing, loss of twist or fading, or produces an abnormal amount of static. Replacement during the first 5 years shall include carpet and labor; replacement during years 6 through 10 includes carpeting only and the customer shall be responsible for all labor charges. This coverage excludes crushing as a result of furniture, and any surface and texture change considered normal for high traffic areas and aging.

Limited Stain Resistance
10 Year Warranty

Abbey Carpet & Floor & Floor guarantees stain protection against the most common foods and beverages for the surface pile of your carpet. We’ll replace or repair any portion of the carpet that does not perform as warranted for ten years from the date of original purchase. Repair or replacement will be limited to the affected area, which includes the stained area(s) as well as the adjacent areas extending to the nearest wall, doorway or entrance. Carpet and installation labor shall be included with all replacements. However, this does not include the cost of moving or replacing equipment, furnishings, partitions, etc. If the identical carpet is not available, Abbey Carpet & Floor & Floor will provide carpet of comparable cost and quality.

Abrasive Wear Resistance
10 Year Warranty

Our 10-year abrasive wear resistance warranty guarantees that you will not experience more than 10% fiber loss of the surface pile in any area of the carpet (excluding stairs covered by cut pile carpets), or it will be replaced including labor. Abrasive wear refers to fiber loss only, not changes in carpet appearance.

Some exclusions may apply to these warranties. Please review the detailed warranty information for the Alexander Smith and American Showcase Collections at your local Abbey Showroom. Your Abbey expert will be glad to provide you with you a detailed brochure covering all warranty information.







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